Please read this before submitting your inquiry.
If you send us an e-mail inquiry with the following information, we will return the same answer.
Please understand beforehand.

The post office is in charge of delivery of items that have a tracking code. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please ask the post office. Thank you for your cooperation.

Delivery Time
Delivery time is 7 to 10 days, but it may be delayed on weekends and holidays, so please allow approximately 2 weeks for delivery.
Delays are more likely to occur during the year-end and New Year holidays, Christmas season, Chinese New Year, and vacation season.

Prices include shipping charges.

*Stock status
Items available on the website are in stock. Sold-out items are awaiting delivery. Items available for sale are listed on the site.
Unlisted items are parts that are no longer sold or not yet available for sale.
*Inquiries about purchased items
Please inform us of your order number. For items purchased through parallel sales, private imports, or auctions, please contact the source of purchase.
*Returns and refunds will be handled in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
Upon receipt of the Product, the customer shall inspect it within 3 days prior to installation to confirm the name, model, and quantity, and to determine if there is any damage, deformation, defect, or non-conformity.
If the Company is not notified within the said period, the Product may be deemed to have passed the customer's inspection.
If the Product is installed in your vehicle even within 3 days, it shall be deemed to have passed inspection. (Excluding any defects that become known as a result of installation.)
Is it safe to drive on public roads?
→Use of custom bikes and parts is at the user's own risk.
*We will send you a tracking code after delivery. Please check it before contacting us, as it may be sorted into a folder such as junk mail.

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