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If you are considering or interested in purchasing this completed vehicle, please contact us using the inquiry form.
I would like to proceed by explaining the inventory status, delivery-related expenses, expenses at the agency, payment methods, etc.

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Orders are currently being accepted and delivery is expected from December to February 2023.

1950's racer replica reproduced with Monkey complete (completed car) sale
complete sale
Including shipping

Reproduced with a monkey motif based on a 1950's racing bike.
It's a racer replica.

The photo is a 1950's racing machine that served as a motif.

Cowls etc. are manufactured at the factory that creates actual racing cowls.
The lace construction is utilized in this product.
Therefore, it is intended for use on racetracks with good pavement conditions.

When driving on public roads (roads with uneven surfaces, unpaved off-road roads), there is a risk of contact with the road surface or damage to the exterior due to vibration.

This product is a collector's product and is intended for short distance driving on flat roads for viewing purposes and events.

Use on public roads is at your own risk.
After delivery, any adverse events will no longer be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
The transaction will be based on that premise.

We will issue a sales certificate for your license number, so please obtain one yourself at the relevant government office. In countries other than Japan, please obtain and register all vehicle types by yourself based on the laws of each country.

For countries other than Japan, additional costs may apply depending on the laws and regulations of each country.

Please contact us for consultation on installing optional items, etc., and for a total cost estimate. Please note that optional items may not be installed in countries other than Japan due to the laws and regulations of each country.

*Specifications may change from the photo without prior notice. Please note.
Due to shipping, the item will be shipped without the battery and oil.

Changes as of October 2022 The step has been changed to a back step to make it easier to ride.

When purchasing, please contact either GTAXEL 054-266-7466 (Shizuoka) or DOPE 080-9642-3282 (Yokohama).
Miscellaneous expenses, service-related costs, options, etc. vary depending on the agency.

The price includes shipping costs from Thailand, the country of origin, to the distributor in Japan.

Miscellaneous expenses, maintenance costs (oil, battery costs, maintenance inspection costs), etc.
Delivery costs (from the agency to your home) will be charged separately.


  • Installation and use of custom parts is the responsibility of the purchaser. Any scratches or damage that may occur during installation or use are not covered by the warranty.
  • Adding custom parts may void your bike manufacturer's warranty.
  • Adding custom parts may change the balance and air resistance and affect driving performance, but any such effects are not covered by the warranty.
  • Adding larger tires will also affect fuel efficiency and acceleration.
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