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Thailand is also known as the "Kingdom of Motorcycles" and is one of the top countries in the world in terms of production and the number of users per population. In addition, many models sold in Japan, such as the CT125, Rebel, and Grom, are produced in Thailand. Thailand is a country where riders are young and passionate about motorcycles. However, road conditions are poor, and the speed limit in the suburbs is 90km/h regardless of displacement, so it is common to see motorcycles being driven at full throttle. In particular, the 4mini category, with an engine displacement of 150cc or less, is very active, and the number of customizers and sales are off the charts. Therefore, the speed of development of custom parts and ideas for various parts have been proposed and commercialized. We would like to introduce on this site products that have been developed under the environment of Thailand, where both the temperature and the enthusiasm for motorcycles are high. We will introduce the features of the products, including both good points and points to keep in mind, carefully selected by our Japanese staff from among many products. 8ft Weekend is the place where you can find the products that you have been looking for! I found the product I was looking for! We will continue to offer unique products that will make you happy.