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FP-0003 CT125 Right weight Locker arm

FP-0003 CT125 Right weight Locker arm

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Lightweight rocker arm
Compatible models

It is a lightweight type rocker arm using extra super duralumin (A7075).
It is possible to reduce the weight by 11g compared to the stock (both intake and exhaust!).
The response of the engine is improved, and you can expect stress-free rotation up to high revs.

We also recommend replacing the lightweight camshaft at the same time as replacing the lightweight rocker arm. I think that you can feel the effect more.

Lightweight Rocker Arm
Lightweight type rocker arms made of ultra-super duralumin.
Compared to the stock, 11g (for both intake and exhaust!) weight reduction is possible. This weight reduction in the valve train is very effective!
The response of the engine will be improved and you can expect stress- free revving up to high RPM.

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