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FP-0002 CT125 Front large diameter Disk plate set

FP-0002 CT125 Front large diameter Disk plate set

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CT125 front large diameter floating disc kit

It is a support kit for the 256mm diameter floating disc plate and genuine caliper. Originally it is a product for PCX, but since the mounting dimensions are exactly the same, it can be installed with CT125 without processing. Since the pattern is symmetrical, there is no sense of incongruity. By increasing the diameter from 220mm to 256mm, the effectiveness of the brake is improved.

CT125 Front Large Dia. Disc Kit

This kit consists of a 256mm large diameter disc plate and support for the stock caliper. Originally designed for the PCX, but can be installed without modification on the CT125, which has exactly the same installation dimensions. The pattern is symmetrical, so there is no sense of discomfort.
Increasing the caliper diameter from 220mm to 256mm improves the braking power.

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