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GC-SC01 CUB110 GANESHA Tubeless wheel (AA09 JA44) (shipping included)

GC-SC01 CUB110 GANESHA Tubeless wheel (AA09 JA44) (shipping included)

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GC-SC01 CUB110 GANESHA Tubeless wheel (AA09 JA44)
It is for the 2017 model.
It cannot be installed on the new 2022 model JA59.

(shipping included)
GANESHA⁺ wheels for a worry-free journey”

Note: This magazine product is for CUB110 and not for CT125.

Please allow 30 days for delivery as it is made to order.

CUB110 GANESHA⁺ tubeless wheels (front/rear, spokes, genuine Honda hub, brake disc offset)

Uses Honda genuine hub.

Although this is a product with spokes already assembled, it is in a temporarily assembled state. Be sure to check for looseness. Be sure to check for looseness at the initial stage (to prevent apparent loosening due to initial break-in).

When first assembling, be sure to check for looseness at 50 km, 100 km, and 200 km. Even after that, please be sure to check for looseness before riding. Also, if it becomes loose, please have it adjusted at a specialty store. Driving with loose spokes may cause them to bend or break.

Spokes are consumable items. The service life varies depending on road surface conditions and driving conditions. Particularly when driving off-road, it may bend or break. If there are any abnormalities such as bends or breaks in the spokes, replace them immediately.

Designed by GANESHA⁺ in Japan
This product was designed in Japan, assembled in Thailand, and delivered through a Japanese inspection and delivery system.

Most bikes designed for off-road riding have spoke wheels. The wheel has the advantage of being able to flex appropriately and the spokes absorbing shock in the event of a strong impact. GABESHA tubeless wheels combine the shock absorption of spokes with the benefits of tubeless wheels. GANESHA's tubeless wheels do not suddenly release air when a puncture occurs, reducing the risk of falls and allowing you to continue riding for a while until repairs can be made. They are also easier to repair than tube tires.
The colors are matte black and gold. All have a luxurious feel. I use genuine Honda hubs . The air valve uses an easy-to-use L-shape.
Specifications are subject to change without notice
Please note.

〇Applicable car model Super Cub C110 (AA09 JA44)
〇Contents Rim size Front and rear same size 1.60-17
With hub, spokes and spare spokes

Video explanation for use

Implementation test edition

(Shipping included)


  • Installation and use of custom parts is the responsibility of the purchaser. Any scratches or damage that may occur during installation or use are not covered by the warranty.

  • Adding custom parts may void your bike manufacturer's warranty.

  • Adding custom parts may change the balance and air resistance and affect driving performance, but any such effects are not covered by the warranty.

  • Adding larger tires will also affect fuel efficiency and acceleration.

  • We will deal with initial defects within one week after receiving the product, if there is any deformation of the rim that may cause problems with running when opening the product. After the vehicle is installed, a fee will be charged for any reason. Due to the nature of the product, there may be minor scratches during assembly, rivet scratches, etc. We do not offer exchanges, so we do not recommend this to people who are sensitive.

    This transaction is based on the assumption that you agree to the above conditions. Please note.

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