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GC-GR013 GROM GANESHA⁺ AD Fairing fixing (shipping included)

GC-GR013 GROM GANESHA⁺ AD Fairing fixing (shipping included)

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GROM GANESHA⁺ AD Fairing fixing

Convert Grom to adventure specification

About the base vehicle
Compatible with 2021 model with ABS

Assembling requires a lot of specialized knowledge and tips.
Also, there are no detailed manuals or product accuracy like genuine Honda parts. There is a simple manual, so those with some experience can assemble it without any problems. If you are a beginner, please ask an engineer. We generally do not respond to inquiries regarding assembly.

Please note that detailed specifications may change without notice.
When making a purchase, it is assumed that you understand the terms of use, etc.

Designer Mr Note
This work is an award winning work of H2C Motorbike Idea Challenge 2020. Mr. Note arranged an adventure bike design for GROM. The well-balanced and beautiful form received a great response, and although it was originally a one-off piece, the components were revised in preparation for commercialization, and it was commercialized as a parts kit so that many people could enjoy it. It is easy to install without cutting or welding, and is designed to allow you to easily enjoy customizing your bike. Mr. NOTE is a designer who regularly wins awards in custom motorcycle contests in Thailand and is one of Thailand's leading custom builders. It has a good reputation for its well-balanced design and delicate painting techniques.


  • Installation and use of custom parts is the responsibility of the purchaser. Any scratches or damage that may occur during installation or use are not covered by the warranty.
  • Adding custom parts may void your bike manufacturer's warranty.
  • Adding custom parts may change the balance and air resistance and affect driving performance, but any such effects are not covered by the warranty.
  • Adding larger tires will also affect fuel efficiency and acceleration.
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