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FP-0011 Exclusive High lift Camshaft for CT125

FP-0011 Exclusive High lift Camshaft for CT125

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[Commonly known as Thai Cam] A Japanese parts engineer who was trained in the 4mini race in Thailand created it exclusively for the CT125.
This product is unique to 8f weekend. I will finally release my self-confidence work.
Do you have any questions? I added it as (commonly known as Taicom) because it is said a lot.
It is made with full knowledge of the characteristics of CT125. In addition, I think that you can feel the difference compared to K company, which emphasizes versatility.

We also recommend replacing the lightweight rocker arm at the same time as you replace the camshaft. I think that you can feel the effect more.

Original high camshaft for CT125. Many other companies' products on the market are general-purpose products, but this product is dedicated to CT125.
The cam profile, lift amount and overlap have been redesigned for the CT125. It is designed to rev up to the normal rev limit of 8500 rpm, and the assumed rotation speed is 10000 rpm.
Although there are cams that are more tuned, this product is faster up to 8500rpm. We support from normal to bore up and big valve head vehicles.
The mostly another current products is common spec. However, our product is exclusive use for CT125. This product was redesigned to CT125 that profile, lift value and overlap.
It has good engine feeling to top end of 8500rpm(Genuine spec) and estimated value is 10000rpm. And we know that there are higher spec camshafts in the market, however our product is faster reach to 8500 rpm than other ones. Our product is covered from genuine capacity to big bore and big valve cylinder head also.
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