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GPX POPz 125

GPX POPz 125

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POPz is a city commuter produced by GPX, which has grown into a major manufacturer in Thailand. The overall look was a so-called “Super Cub style”, but it was full of Asian brand pop. The 125cc air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is combined with fuel injection, and the mission is a rotary 4-speed transmission. The front brake is a disc type, and the front and rear lights are LED type. The meter panel, centered on a large speedometer, has a retro-futuristic style that lights up to display the gear position and remaining fuel

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This service is Personal import agent. (This is a service that supports individual imports.) Please inquire about the model, model year, etc. Confirmation work will be done with photos, etc.
The price is a rough estimate of the vehicle price + shipping fee to Japan.

The official price will be re-estimated at the time of ordering.
The shipping fee will be from Thailand to the designated port in Japan.

Delivery at the port is the work and expenses borne by the purchaser (warehouse costs, customs filings associated with imports, customs fees, domestic transportation, etc.).
In addition, the purchaser is responsible for obtaining license plates for each vehicle.

We will issue a sales certificate.
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Because it is a product sold overseas, it is not guaranteed by each manufacturer.
At the time of purchase, we will check the operation in Thailand, but due to transportation, the battery and oil will be removed before delivery.
Batteries and oil are not included in the price and must be purchased separately.

Items are packed in wooden boxes for delivery, but they may get small scratches. Minor scratches in that case are not covered by the warranty.
If there is a large scratch or crack on the vehicle, it will be covered by the shipping company's insurance.

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