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FP-0025 CT125 Big valve cylinder head with enlarged ports

FP-0025 CT125 Big valve cylinder head with enlarged ports

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This is a big valve cylinder head made by Hispeed Racing that is compatible with standard cylinders.
The applicable cylinder bore is from OEM to 57φ (148cc).
It is compatible with the same type engine of the previous generation, including the CT125 (JA55).

This will be a product that has never been seen before.
This is because there is no demand overseas for heads for genuine displacement.
This is one of the long-awaited products that we wanted to add to our lineup in 8ft for Japanese customers.

The valve size of the genuine product is In: 24, Ex: 21φ, while this product is In: 27, Ex: 22φ, which is as large as possible.
Not only that, but the intake and exhaust ports have also been significantly enlarged compared to the original.
As anyone who has seen the original port will know, it is quite thin.
No matter how much you bore up or tweak the intake and exhaust, this will always be a bottleneck.
It would be great if you combined this product with the intake manifold sold by T company!
Combine it with a lightweight rocker arm and you're done!
The following items are included with this product:
① Reinforced valve springs ② A7075 super duralumin valve retainers ③ Big valves ④ High camshafts ⑤ Valve stem seals ⑥ Bearings
⑦ Piston (forged)

It is as follows.
With this head installed, the engine will rev up to the original 8500 rpm limit in no time.
(The manufacturer's published value supports up to 15,000 rpm.)
Therefore, it may be necessary to consider rewriting the ECU and introducing a sub-computer.
Additionally, internal engine parts that can handle higher revolutions, such as crankshaft supports, are also needed.

The custom swamp is deeper and wider...

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