What is a CT125 (JA55) specific cam?

What is the CT125(JA55) exclusive cam?

The following is an introduction to the concept of the original cam sold with the CT125(JA55) exclusive cam.
The three elements of the cam are (1) lift, (2) overlap, and (3) base circle.
The key is to let a lot of air in and let it out firmly, and that is where the interference between intake and exhaust comes into play.
If the lift is too high, the efficiency will be reduced, and the friction when opening and closing the valves cannot be underestimated.
The original 8ft camshafts are tuned specifically for the CT125 (JA55) in terms of lift and overlap.
Therefore, the apparent lift is less, but it matches the stock engine.
The rev limit of the stock engine is 8500 rpm. The engine rev limit is 8500 rpm, so the tuning is designed to work well in this rpm range.
Incidentally, there are very few camshafts from other manufacturers that work well above 8500 rpm.
We used to use T Company's N15, but as tuning progressed, its lack of performance was exposed.
Above 8500 rpm, the fuel was being throttled in the direction of squeezing the fuel.
We changed the camshaft to a major Thai camshaft, and it now runs well up to 10,500 rpm, which is the rev limit.
If there are any requests, we will add it to our product lineup.

The camshafts are relatively easy to customize because of the simple configuration of the 4-mini air-cooled single-cylinder,
It is interesting to see the concept of each manufacturer.
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